⁃ October 14th – 18th, 2021 – Pottawatomie County, OK
⁃ 3-Day Festival Passes: Grants you access on Thursday, October 14th.
⁃ 4-Day Festival Passes: Grants you access on Friday, October 15th.
⁃ Campgrounds Close: Monday, October 18th.
⁃ Entrance to Lost But Found is only permitted during box office hours (see below)
⁃ Festival Location: Big Creek Events – 3780 N 3420 Rd, Byars, OK 74831

Everyone excluding production crew & vendors must arrive during the hours listed below. No exceptions. No lining up overnight. No roadside camping/extended parking.

2021 BOX OFFICE HOURS (2022 hours subject to change):

⁃ Friday: 10AM-11PM
⁃ Saturday: 10AM-9PM
⁃ Sunday: 10AM-7PM

This year’s rendition of Lost But Found is an 18+ event only.

You will be permitted to bring personal speakers/sound equipment and DJ equipment to set up a sound camp. These will be permissible only as long as you are respectful of your neighbors, and are mindful not to disturb their sleep with loud/heavy music past 4AM. You could always switch to something softer, or otherwise catch a late-night bass set at the Silent Disco!

No, 3-Day and 4-Day Passes include tent camping. If you’d like to camp alongside your car, you’ll need to purchase a Car Camping Pass in addition to your Festival Pass. Car Camping Passes allow the ticket holder to camp next to or inside their car. Only valid with a festival pass – does not give access to the event without also purchasing a Festival Pass. Only one Car Pass needed per car.

There will be a designated Uber and Lyft drop-off location outside the festival grounds, as well as an official Ride-share group on Facebook.

Yes! These teams will be on duty 24 hours a day throughout the festival. If you need assistance, simply locate any one of our helpful Lost But Found staff members, or go to the Ranger HQ or one of the medical stations.

Yes. Anyone caught with illicit substances will be escorted from the event and may face legal consequences. In addition, the possession or smoking of cannabis is not permitted by Oklahoma law besides by valid card-holding medical cannabis patients. Rangers and Security teams will be on-site in case they are needed.

No. Lost But Found has a strict no pet rule that will be enforced. Only documented service animals required for a disability, and who are trained to handle loud and active environments, are allowed in the festival grounds.

Please email to inquire about registering your documented service animal. Please keep in mind, it is illegal to fraudulently claim that your pet is a legitimate service animal.

We recommend not bringing items of value to Lost But Found. The festival is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Yes, there is a lost and found booth on site in the main camp plaza. You can also reach them at

No, single use water bottles are not sold or permitted at the event, as they are detrimental to the environment. Bring a reusable bottle and refill at one of our many drink water refill stations throughout the site.

You can contact us at We try to answer questions as quickly as possible, please allow 24 hours (Monday-Friday) for a response.

Whether you’re an avid festival-goer or a first-timer, we are always looking for new people help us create and shape this amazing community for us all. If you’re interested in participating in the fest as a music artist, speaker, performer, vendor, creative wizard, or volunteer – email us at and one of our team members will get back to you!

⁃ Yes, there is a parking lot for those driving to Lost But Found, but not camping with their vehicles. See cost info below.
⁃ Lost But Found Carpool Initiative: To keep emissions and traffic low, single occupant vehicles are charged $40 to park in the parking lot. Vehicles with one or more passengers (not including the driver) are granted free parking.

⁃ By attending Lost But Found (the “Festival”) you consent to being filmed and or photographed, whereas your image, voice, and likeness may be used by Blue Lotus Society and its production partners for promotional purposes.
⁃ Any photography or video taken at the Festival, whether in digital or analog format, is subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to Blue Lotus Society for use in promotional purposes.
⁃ Any artwork or performances sponsored by the Festival or taking place on Festival grounds is also subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to Blue Lotus Society for use in promotional purposes.
All photographers using 360-degree cameras, DSLRs or cameras with detachable lenses are required to have media credentials to take pictures or video at the Festival. To apply, email us at

⁃ To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all festival attendees, artists, and staff, Blue Lotus Society strictly prohibits the operation of or use of any unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also know as “Drones”, on, from, or above Blue Lotus Society/Lost But Found Festival premises, events or venues without specific written permission from an official of Blue Lotus Society. This includes all UAVs regardless of size, weight, or purpose. If you are found to be using or in the possession of a UAV or “Drone” while at Lost But Found, it will be confiscated by ground staff and held for the remainder of the event.

⁃ Trading kandi and all forms of PLUR culture will be allowed and highly encouraged!



free-form/experimental bass, dUBSTEP, riddim, dnb, ELECTRO BASS, FUTURE BASS

Lost but Found will have an incredible, world-class audio-visual production featuring Hennessey Sound, Kvant & Unity lasers, and lightform projection-mapping.

There will be TONS of other offerings available, such as all sorts of talks/workshops, soundbaths, yoga, group meditation, Reiki healing, light therapy, professional massages, body painting, and LOTS of cool interactive areas to explore!


Tickets are on sale now! You can find more info here.

Payment plans will be available through TicketFairy starting January 1st!

No! Lost But Found is designed to be a fully immersive experience. Only 3 or 4-day passes are available for this reason.

All sales are final. There will be no refunds. There will, however, be an official wristband exchange platform offered through TicketFairy, should you need to sell your wristband to someone else.

⁃ For general questions contact us at
⁃ If you having an issue with the ticket purchase process, please contact TicketFairy directly. You can find their contact information on their website here.
⁃ Placing orders by phone is not available. All orders must go through the TicketFairy ticketing page:

Your wristband will be your key to access the festival. When you purchased your ticket, you should have received a digital ticket. This ticket must then be scanned upon entry in order to receive your welcome package with your wristband inside.

Go to will call to pick-up at the on-site box office with an ID that matches the name on your order. They will be able to verify you and provide a wristband there. There is a $20 replacement fee for lost or damaged wristbands.

⁃ You will receive exact instructions on how to apply your wristband with your welcome package. Do not put on your wristband before you have received and carefully read the instructions included. Please make sure to put on the wristband uniquely registered to you.
⁃ Please do not remove the excess portion of the wristband or tamper with your wristband in any way. Do not cut it, burn it, stretch it or fold it. Altered wristbands will be invalid and any person in possession of an altered wristband will be charged a replacement fee or may be ejected from the festival site.

⁃ Fake or deactivated wristbands may look like the real thing but they will be identified by our scanning system at each venue entrance.
⁃ Only orders placed through the TicketFairy website are guaranteed to be authentic. We do not want any of our fans to be scammed.

⁃ Please be aware: We are not responsible for any counterfeit tickets or wristbands. In addition, any wristbands reported lost or stolen will have their RFID chip deactivated and will not be valid. For your own protection, please do not purchase Lost But Found Festival wristbands from any third party sellers. Those in possession of fake wristbands or ones reported lost or stolen will not be admitted to the festival. There are no hard tickets being sold or distributed this year. If someone tries to sell or give you a paper ticket DO NOT take it. EVERYONE will need a wristband to enter the festival.

YES! Enjoy exclusive early arrival offerings on Thursday, such as speakers, workshops, yoga, group meditation, and a special early arrival camping pre-party (from 12PM-7AM, on all three main stages, featuring full production all night long!)


YES! Tent camping is included with your purchased Festival Pass. If you wish to experience Car Camping or RV Camping, those options are available for purchase as well.

Camping at Lost But Found is within large designated campground zones where attendees are allowed to freely set up camp (without individual lots) on a first-come first-serve basis. However, you are not allowed to hold a spot for other people that aren’t there yet!

YES! There is plenty of grass, as well as a forest!

There will be many individual self-serve water refill stations throughout the festival- and campgrounds, that will be appropriately marked with a water droplet.

We will have music playing at all three of our main stages from 12PM until 7AM (from Thursday-Sunday). There will also be a silent disco dome featuring up to three different artists at a time playing music for longer, as well as closing music performances on Monday from 9AM to 12PM.

There will be a total of five stages: Hollow Earth, Two Rivers, Hyperbolic Dreamland, Forgotten Discovery, and our dome featuring an immersive round-the-clock Silent Disco experience.

Yes! But fires may ONLY be in designated fire pits!

YES! There will be plenty of RV campsite spots with power and sewer hook-ups!

The weather in Oklahoma changes frequently, and so the temperature can vary dramatically from one day to the next. Based on weather reports from the past two years in this area, You can expect highs of anywhere between 50-80 degrees FAHRENHEIT during the day, and lows of anywhere between 35-70 degrees at night. The weather here CAN BE TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE, so Make sure you prepare accordingly!

We suggest you bring lots of layers and blankets (in case it does get cold at night), but also some warm weather clothes in case the temperature reaches into the 80’s.

We will be providing space heaters around campground plazas, at all of our stages, and by interactive areas to keep everyone warm in case it starts getting chilly!


Lost But Found campgrounds are organic and free-form. There is no pre-plotted or reserved space like at most other festivals. We ask for you to get cozy with your neighbors to eliminate any wasted space.

⁃ Due to safety and fire concerns, the use of any portable gas-powered generators inside the festival and campgrounds is prohibited. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes our attendees. We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding as we work together with the local Fire Department to keep us safe.
⁃ Factory-installed generators in RVs are permitted. Solar and battery powered generators are also ok to use, as long as they are not noisy.
⁃ The festival will have safety staff monitoring the campgrounds to enforce all safety regulations.

There will be a specific campground designated for combined walk-in + car camping. The entire campgrounds will only be subdivided into a soundcamp and non-soundcamp zone (which also double as non-socially-distanced/socially-distanced camps).

No, you’ll only need one car camping pass per vehicle. Only one person in the vehicle needs to purchase a car camping pass if you plan to camp with the vehicle. Each adult needs their own 3 or 4-Day Festival Pass.

⁃ Car Camping – Car, SUV, Consumer truck or van
⁃ RV – Motorhome, Any towed vehicle, Box truck, Commercial vehicle.
⁃ All lengths of vehicle passes are for combined total length of RV and any vehicle towing

No problem!! Have your friends pitch in and purchase the RV + pass. This will give you a 40×40 space to place your RV and as many tents as you can fit in the space.

We will not have Boutique Camping options available at Lost But Found this year.

Ins and outs are permitted, but not for car or RV camping passes. Once a car or RV enters the campgrounds it can leave only once and will not be permitted to drive back into a campground.

Renegade sound camps will be allowed, as long as you are respectful of other people – that also means no loud or heavy music past 4AM! Security and staff will be patrolling the campgrounds to enforce this rule.

Yes, but raised fires only, and as long as all fire safety regulations are followed closely.

Yes! Ice will be available in all of our General Stores. Cash or cards are accepted.

Alcohol will be limited to no more than one case of beer or one wine bag per person (21 years of age or older). No beverages may be inside of glass bottles.

Alcohol will be available through several fully-stocked bars selling a wide variety of fine wine, saké, hard kombucha, and local artisan craft beers.

Liquor will not be permitted.


YES! Cameras
YES! Coolers
YES! Backpacks
YES! Charcoal grills
YES! Enclosed propane stoves
YES! Bio-degradable glitter
YES! Bio-degradable soap
YES! Pool floaties
YES! Flow toys
YES! Kandi
YES! Good Vibes

NO! Glass bottles or glass containers
NO! Gas-powered or noisy generators
NO! Illegal drugs of any kind
NO! Weapons (including machetes for opening coconuts)
NO! Fireworks, fire tools, fire lanterns, or personal pyrotechnics
NO! Personal fire performances or flow toys with fire
NO! Fires outside of designated fire pits
NO! Pets (Please email us at to inquire about or register a documented service animal for this event)
NO! Headdresses or cultural appropriation with costumes (see our Festival Ethos)
NO! Boats or motorized sea-vessels
NO! Non-biogregadable glitter
NO! Non-biogregadable soap
NO! Bad Vibes

All persons, items and vehicles are subject to search upon entry by security and law enforcement. Security personnel reserve the right to prohibit items seen as harmful, dangerous, or otherwise being part of one of the prohibited items listed above.
** All persons, items and vehicles are subject to search upon entry by Security**