Dear Festival Family,

We are seriously committed to the safety and well-being of all our artists, staff, and attendees. To this end, we have prepared various safety measures we are implementing in October to address the current ongoing pandemic, which we’d like to share with you:

The maximum venue capacity is set at well over 10,000 people, although we have decided to reduce that number to no more than 3,000 guests, in order to help our guests socially-distance and to make for a more intimate, enjoyable festival experience.

To further help ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, and comply with health authority guidance, we will be requiring face masks and temperature checks at the entrance. We are also currently exploring options for administering on-site rapid COVID testing to everyone in line while their vehicles (or those ahead of theirs) are being searched. This would be our preferred method, as it would be the safest and also would eliminate the need for temperature checks.

Hand sanitizer stations will be made readily available throughout the festival grounds and kept fully stocked at all times. Our helpful staff will be walking around to frequently sanitize all restrooms, handrails, countertops, water stations, and other common areas.

We have been working closely with local and state health authorities to ensure the festival is safe and fully permitted. We are more than certain that we will be able to safely gather in the Fall!

We hope that sheds more light on our plan! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at

Until we finally meet in October, please stay safe, follow all of the latest CDC guidance, and look out for your loved ones! These are extraordinarily difficult, deeply transformative times for all of us. Please be patient, kind, and loving with one another as we endure the last bit of these dark times together! Thank you!


Much love,

– The Lost But Found Team