WE will be having a number of amazingly talented painters and visionary artists making live art at Lost But Found this year! You can find them spread throughout, along the forest trail by Two Rivers, or in front of the Hyperbolic Dreamland right by the lake! We are very proud to be able to present such a rich and uniquely varied live art lineup for this inaugural edition of our festival. Have a look at a few of the spectacular, mesmerizing works made by some of these incredibly talented individuals:



Juliana Garces is a visionary on a mission to help raise the human collective consciousness through art. Juliana finds her visions through working with various spiritual practices. She hopes to inspire others to awaken to the infinite which already resides within them. A variety of her artworks can be found in galleries and exhibits such as the Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday, City Arts Factory, Foundation Studios, Level 42, and Osceola Arts. Juliana also enjoys teaching painting classes and sharing her passion for creating.

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Becca Tindol is a 24 year old artist who paints using bright colors with a focus on space, trees, and nature. Her pieces aim to bring together fantasy and spirituality. The inspirations for her paintings come from visions she sees while meditating and listening to music.

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Spencer Plumlee is an American artist currently based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her practice is centered around figure dominated spaces and intimate moments from her contemporary surroundings. She received her Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a focus in Studio Art from Rogers State University.

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Afrida Islam is a 22 year old multimedia artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She specializes in several mediums such as oil and acrylics, and loves to use glitter and bright colors. Frida draws inspiration mostly from feminine icons, psychedelic and spiritual experiences, and has been creating art for over 15 years now.

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Ross Dees is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Working with acrylic paints, Ross creates abstract landscapes implementing an art style known as “hard-edge”. The artists statement: “I enjoy art as a means of escapism. I am inspired by the vibrant colors and geometry found in nature and my art is meant to reflect that.”

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Rambla (also known as Kyle Schmidt) is a Visionary multi media artist from Kansas City, Missouri, expressing a never ending fractal and unification of consciousness through UV reactive paintings, prints, murals, and installations. Kyle is a member of the International Society of Experimental Artists, and also pursues music production and performance.

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