WE are the BLUE LOTUS SOCIETY – a vast collective of conscious minds and network of independent event organizers, talented musicians, passionate festival-goers, and ardent activists – who seek to bring about positive, lasting change in the world and introduce a new era of interactive LIVE music experiences to Oklahoma and the Midwest. We are passionate about spirituality, individual growth, learning, social justice, protecting the environment, uniting people of different walks of life, and leaving our communities better than we found them. We seek to use every opportunity available for good, including using these sacred gatherings to spread these important values.

WE care a lot about the experience at each of our events and so we spend lots of time and energy designing uniquely-themed areas and immersive experiences for you to enjoy, and making them come to life.  Endless attention is poured into curating an eclectic, thoughtful blend of music from around the world, with the goal of UNITING the various genres and helping to introduce people to new and unique sounds, featuring some of the most talented pioneering and underground artists of our times.

Originating from Southern California, Blue Lotus Society has been organizing exclusive underground events in the Inland Empire and High Desert areas since 2018. We have put on numerous collaborations with other event producers.

We are not just an independent event organizer …

we are a loving, conscious community, and this is our home.

and we welcome & invite you into this family !