Festivals and concerts are finally coming back! COVID-19 may have put festival season on a long pause, but WE ARE BACK and READY TO RAVE!


The number of young people attending raves, music shows, and festivals all around the globe are dramatically increasing, especially over the past couple of years. With this worldwide emergence of events, there is an increase in the use of psychoactive substances. While music festivals’ primary focus is the music, the festival space is often used by certain festival-goers as a chance to amplify the human experience through mind-altering means.


In order to help facilitate the safety of our festival-goers and guarantee a positive experience for all, we will be hosting an educational series, featuring a multitude of talks and workshops that teach others how to properly test for substances (with the use of a reagent test kit), how to trip-sit a friend, and how to integrate a psychedelic experience, amongst other things. Additionally, we have created The Sanctuary to provide direct support to those in need.





Welcome to

The Sanctuary!


The Sanctuary is a safe space that we are providing for attendees to relax, breathe, escape the hustle and bustle of the festival, or be able to work through a psychedelic, or emotional crisis. The intent is to provide spaces in which people can safely allow their psychedelic experiences to unfold, as well to provide central and reliable sources of information for those who seek to deepen their knowledge of these altered states and substances. We understand a “trip” may not go as planned for everyone. Stress, unhappiness, fear, and more can potentially cause anyone going through an intense experience to break. The Sanctuary offers a space away from the high energy levels that may have triggered any unwanted feelings during the event. Here you may expect to be safe to lay down, cry, meditate. There is a judgement-free zone, with only love and support, to help you integrate your experience!