We’re beyond excited to be able to share the theme for the first ever inaugural edition of Lost But Found with you! Every year, our festival chooses a theme for its annually-reoccurring edition which will determine the focus of the the many talks and workshops that are held here.

This last decade – and the past year especially – has been an extraordinarily difficult and transformative time for everyone and has highlighted the enormous challenges that we face and must overcome as a collective society.

Issues such as global warming, pollution, deforestation, the lack of sustainability (in terms of both energy sources and means of production), and the continued oppression and exploitation of indigenous peoples & both ethnic and religious minorities around the world impact the global community at large, and it is only as a collective that we can come together to bring about meaningful, lasting change.

Each of us are accountable for our actions and our role on this planet and that is something that has become more apparent now than ever before. We believe we are right at the cusp of a new era of awakening for humankind, as individuals from all walks of life are experiencing massive shifts in consciousness and are becoming more and more aware of both their supreme Self and the nature of reality – providing much needed hope that together we can transcend all that which lies ahead!


For these reasons, we have chosen this year’s theme to be:




” You are one thought away from intelligence, one word away from kindness, one deed away from excellence, one step away from brilliance, and one second away from transcendence. “

– Matshona Dhliwayo