◦ Do leave no trace
◦ Do be open minded
◦ Do ask for consent
◦ Do remember to eat
◦ Do bring extra masks
◦ Do bring reusable containers
◦ Do treat everyone with respect
◦ Do allow yourself to explore
◦ Do pick up all trash you see
◦ Do make sure to finish  your camping checklist
◦ Do drink your water and take care of yourself
◦ Do come ready to have the best weekend of your life

◦ Do not litter or ignore trash lying around
◦ Do not steal, loot, or take things without asking
◦ Do not fight or argue with one another; practice love
◦ Do not judge others or be hateful towards them; be kind
◦ Do not bring any items, bottles, or containers made of glass
◦ Do not bring any illegal substances or their paraphernalia
◦ Do not bring any weapons, fireworks, or explosive items
◦ Do not start fires outside of the designated firepits
◦ Do not ignore situations that need professional help
◦ Do not touch someone without their explicit consent
◦ Do not come if you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms