Waste & Compost



It is each one of us’ individual duty to keep our planet free from pollution. One of the simplest methods for doing this is to repurpose or recycle all waste. Every item can be recycled or treated and reused in some way. Materials can be smelted together to create entirely new ones from scratch. Even compost can be used to make valuable fertilizer. To help make all of this possible, we provide various distinctively-marked waste bins throughout the festival grounds. Please make use of these and help us keep our new home clean, so that we may return again next year!



The four types of waste are generated at our festival (before, during, and after) are as follows:

  • Regular waste: Things that can’t be valued and go to landfill
  • Recyclable waste: Plastic, paper, metal, glass
  • Compostable waste: Leftover food from kitchens, biodegradable dishware and cutlery
  • Other waste: Things such as industrial waste from the inks used to create our beautiful posters, or leftover building materials, for example, must go to a certified waste unit






Additionally, our helpful MOOP Troupe will be walking around the festival helping to keep the grounds clean for us, and educating our attendees on sustainability and recycling. Feel free to reach out to them if you’re unsure of where to throw something away, or you have any other questions at all! They’re there to help!

MOOP stands for MATTER OUT OF PLACE and refers to anything that does not belong in its original environment. This ranges from left-behind camping gear, litter, and debris all the way to confetti and glitter particles. For this reason, we ask that all attendees only bring bio-degradable glitter and soap, as the other kind is detrimental to the environment.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation!