It’s not only about cleaning up after ourselves: it’s about leaving the world around us in a better state than when we found it.

Just like every single one of us living on this shared planet, our festival, too, is responsible for its impact on the environment. Environmental consciousness – the act of being aware of our ecological footprint – is a part of our festival ethos. We seek to use this special gathering as an opportunity to raise the collective consciousness by bringing attention to these pressing issues affecting the Earth, all while working towards eliminating our own inevitable footprint. One of the biggest issues impacting the environment and the future of human civilization is the lack of sustainability in modern society. To this end, we seek to be as sustainable as possible, every step along the way, and in every sense of the word – from the way we store information, all the way to the food vendors that we work with. Some of the ways we practice sustainability include:

  • Seeking to REDUCE, REUSE, AND RECYCLE (such as by eliminating unnecessary paper waste by storing all of our data digitally and opting for biodegradable packaging whenever possible)
  • Handing out welcome packages with wristbands only at the gate instead of individually shipping them out, which needlessly harms the environment by putting extra demand on air travel, a major source of pollution globally. For this same reason, we generally tend to opt for local artists over booking lots of international acts, each requiring flights, enlarging our carbon footprint
  • Providing plenty of water refill stations throughout the festival grounds, eliminating the sale and use of bottled water and therefore greatly reducing the amount of plastic waste generated at our festival
  • Implementing a recycling program and ensuring the proper sorting and processing of all waste & compost
  • Encouraging sustainable eating practices by primarily inviting healthy & delicious plant-based food vendors
  • To further help off-set our environmental impact, we’ve created a carbon neutrality fund and our “One Tree Initiative”